Policies and Procedures

First and foremost, BE SAFE.  These policies are for your safety and for the smooth operation of Alaska Fly In Fishing.  Please read before booking your trip:
Relax and HAVE FUN!  With that, there are a few policies we MUST have for your safety.  We care about you and desire to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.  We are a Fairbanks family owned business and take pride in doing the best we can to get you out to remote Alaska and enjoy all it has to offer in a safe manner.  Due to the nature of our business, our policies are non negotiable and are for the safety of all persons.
Our trips REQUIRE guests to be able-bodied.  The Alaskan wilderness is NOT handicap accessible.  For a good standard of agility, Guests must be able to climb a ladder without assistance.  They must also be able to walk on uneven, muddy, and unstable terrain with ease.  If this is an issue for any guest in your party, this trip is not for them.  Activities to encounter on your trip include climbing in and out of our small airplane without assistance, Climbing up a ladder for a top bunk, getting into a boat, and climbing a hill to get to the cabin. 
Last minute changes are a norm in Alaska flying.  We have a phrase called "Hurry up and wait"...it really fits how things go up here.  You may be in a situation where you have to "Hurry up and wait", and this is completely normal in Alaska.  The following scenarios are to be EXPECTED:  We may have to cancel at last minute due to weather, pilot availability, or other circumstances beyond our control.  We may be early or late picking you up. Be patient and ready to make changes to your schedule due to weather, delays, or other circumstances that are beyond our control. If you need to make a connection flight out of Fairbanks, purchase a ticket that can be changed, or purchase travel insurance.  We cannot guarantee drop offs and pickups.  Check your cell phone often for updates from dispatch on your trip, especially the day before your trip as last minute changes DO HAPPEN.  
With last minute changes comes the possibility of you staying longer than planned OR getting picked up early.  We take our trips seriously and do everything we can to be on time and accommodate your timeline, but for safety reasons we may alter the schedule last minute. 
You are welcome to make requests on pickup times, dispatch will take it into consideration, but pickup requests are not guaranteed.  Close to your estimated pickup time, be all packed up, and at the cabins where you were dropped off.  You will be given an approximate pickup time when you check in for your trip.  Here again comes the possibility of the "hurry up and wait".  It's completely normal to wait beyond estimated pickup time.
You are entering a remote area.  Often cell service is unavailable.  You have the option of bringing your own satellite device for communication and safety, it is not required but strongly recommended.  Units are available for rent locally and online.  Our family uses the Garmin InReach device exclusively on a daily basis.
You are responsible for your own actions.  By choosing to NOT bring a satellite device, you are acknowledging that you have no way of contacting anyone for help in an emergency and take full responsible for that choice.  This is a self guided fishing trip.  Please act as if you are in the wilderness, possibly DAYS AWAY from the nearest hospital...because you are.  Act carefully in everything you do to avoid injury while out in the wilderness.  
Please declare all fuels, aerosols, firearms, ignition devices, flammables, hazmat items and batteries.  Have them packed in a separate waterproof bag (Gallon ziploc can work)
Cannabis or other Federally recognized illegal drugs are FORBIDDEN both on the premises (both in Fairbanks and remote cabin locations) an on our aircraft.  We operate under FEDERAL LAWnot Alaska law. 
You may NOT transport cannabis or other Federally recognized illegal drugs on our aircraft.   
If you are high, you cannot fly!  For safety reasons, guests who check in and appear inebriated, stoned, or under the influence of drugs will not be allowed on aircraft and will be asked to leave the premises and their trip cancelled with no refund.  All seats in our aircraft are emergency exit seats.  You must be sober to perform emergency exit procedures and behave in a safe manner while the aircraft is in operation.  You also need to be sober when your pilot arrives to pick you up.  Additionally, operating a boat with a motor under the influence of drugs or alcohol is forbidden and is against the law.  
For your safety, smoking of any kind (Including vape devices) is PROHIBITED on the property at Chena Marina and at Fairbanks International Airport, as well as inside the aircraft.  We have fuel tanks on the property and fuel is likely in close proximity to the aircraft.  You may smoke by the road before or after your trip.  At the cabins, you may not smoke inside the cabins.  Please use extra care in extinguishing your smokes completely to avoid a wildfire.
Carefully enter the parking lot slowly, watch out for the unmarked speed bump.  Children are present on premises, so please be kind, courteous and refrain from swearing.
Please be courteous to the other guests and clean up before you leave the cabins.  Please carry out your garbage, the pilot has a place in the float lockers to store it during flight. 
If you arrive with your gear over the 40 pound gear limit, you will be required to downsize your gear.  Please weigh your gear the best you can, it will be weighed on our scale when you check in. Kristy has some great suggestions to offer regarding packing so feel free to ask her for minimalist packing tips.  Also check out our "Packing Tips" tab for more info on packing your gear. Your water and cooler count as gear weight.  EVERYTHING you take with you is weighed before going on the aircraft.
Passengers over 250 pounds may incur additional fees or may require to pay for two guest fares.  Additionally, gear weight limits may be set lower than the 40 pound per guest limit with guests over 250 pounds.  Every trip is different, weight limits are up to the discretion of dispatch and the final authority is the pilot on weight limits.  If you think you are going to be close to limits, please ask for guidance well in advance.
Children 2 years old an up require their own seat and therefore are charged regular fare.  Babies under 2 years may sit in accompanying adult lap to avoid fare.
Coolers:  coolers must be 28qt or smaller hardface, or soft sided cooler bags are perfect.  Dimensions to follow are 16"x16"x12" for hard sided coolers.  
NO OUTSIDE FIRES ALLOWED.  Due to flammable organic matter in the dirt and around our cabins, a wild fire or underground fire may result if a fire is made. At this time, there are no safe designated fire pits available.  If you see a fire pit, DO NOT USE IT....it was UNAUTHORIZED.  Wild fires and underground fires are dangerous, difficult and/or impossible to extinguish, may destroy life and property, and may burn all winter or even for years in Alaska.  DO NOT BUILD A FIRE on the ground.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  Check this page periodically as the policies and procedures may change without notice.
By booking your trip, you acknowledge these policies and procedures and agree to abide by them.  Upon booking, Kristy will either direct you to this page or will read it to you if needed, and will verify that you have read (or heard), and understood the policies, and will gladly answer any questions.  To ensure you have read this, please give her this code when acknowledging the policies and procedures.... "FISH ON".  Booking is not complete until you have verified you have read this.