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Packing Tips

Check out the policies and procedures tab for info on prohibited items!  Knowing what you CANNOT pack will help you pack well.
Bring dehydrated foods.  Canned food is too heavy for your weight limits
Precook food, freeze in ziploc freezer bags and place in your cooler.  Thaw as needed and you don't need ice!  Also pre- freezing any food in the cooler reduces need for ice.
Keep your gear in little bags.  A good size is 16"x16"x12"
Freeze a few water bottles instead of ice.  Then drink when thawed.
Cooler must be NO Bigger than a 28 qt cooler, or  16"x16"x12"
Use break down fishing poles.  Long poles may not fit in aircraft.
Have bear spray, aerosols, flammables, ignition devices, or other hazmat in a separate gallon ziploc bag.
Declare all firearms and make sure chambers are empty.
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