What to expect

You are entering a wilderness area when you go fishing with us.  Wildlife is abundant.  Do not approach wildlife under any circumstances.  You are entering bear and wolf country.  Bring a fire arm or bear spray for protection and keep an eye out for animals.  Moose, wolf and bear may look docile and friendly but they are very dangerous.  Give wildlife the right of way and NEVER harass an animal.  Refer to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website for bear information.
Do not clean fish in the cabins, by the cabins, close to the cabins, in the boats, or anywhere nearby where you will be.  Bear are attracted to the fish smell and garbage.  Keep your campsite clean by storing garbage responsibly and keeping the campsite clean.
There are no authorized fire pits at our locations.  Do not build outside fires.
Familiarize yourself with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game rules on "Defense of Life and Property" so you know the laws regarding protecting yourself.  The Alaska State Troopers must be notified if an animal is shot or killed in defense of life and property.  
There are no flush toilets, running water, electricity, or cell phone coverage at our locations.  You may bring a satellite phone or Garmin inreach device but it is not required.  If you choose to NOT bring a satellite device you acknowledge that you have no way of contacting anyone for help in an emergency situation and are solely responsible for your decision.  
Outhouses are on site, but are very rustic. For your comfort we recommend you bring your own wipes or toilet paper with you.
Your destination is a fly in only trip.  There are no roads, police, or hospitals there.  
Expect delays and last minute changes.  Expect staying longer than planned or getting picked up early.  Expect to wait.   Your pickup time is not guaranteed.  Expect your trip to be cancelled due to weather, pilot availability, aircraft availability, and circumstances beyond our control.  
Minto Flats has three cabins and are booked by the bunk, as in a bunkhouse situation.  You may need to share a cabin with one or more other guests. 
Dune Lake, Deadman Lake, and Geskakmina Lake cabins are privately booked.  You will not share with another party at these locations.
Cabins are simple shelters for the summertime.  They are not fancy but provide shelter and a dry place to sleep.  During your stay there will be no attendants present, so be sure to listen carefully to the instructions on how to operate the motors.  Cabins are equipped with bunks and simple mattresses so you may want to bring your own sleeping mat for comfort.
One boat is provided for every two adults.  Persons under 18 years of age may not operate the boat motors.