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National Parks day Tours

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We still have limited openings and standby bookings available for the 2021 summer season!  We welcome last minute inquiries.  Contact us for more info on availability.  We recommend you have two days free to set aside just in case weather doesn't work on your booking day.  This backup day increases your chances of the day tour being possible.

Because we schedule backup days for our guests, these day trips are very limited.  It is advised to book up to a year in advance, however always contact us and inquire for availability.  We will see what we can do for you!  There is also a possibility that we can book you on a standby basis on another party's backup day.  If they end up not using their backup day, then we can fit you in! 

Alaska Fly in Fishing offers National Park Day Tours throughout the summer, including Gates of the Arctic National Park and the Kobuk Valley National Park.  Plan a whole day for this truly unique adventure.  All trips are PRIVATE.  Your day tour is packed with at least 6 hours of flying and some ground time in each of the two parks, if conditions allow.  If conditions permit, you will land on a lake in the Gates of the Arctic and the Kobuk River and explore a short hike if you would like.  Karl Braun is your pilot.  His 30+ years of Alaskan Flying experience plus his immense love for the Great State of Alaska will complement your journey.  If you are tired of him talking about how much he loves Alaska, just turn off your headphones and bask in the beauty of the National Parks.


Pricing is $1995 per guest, minimum two guests, maximum four guests.

The airplane has a payload limit of 700#, so the total weight of the guests in one tour must not exceed this limit.  Guests must be able bodied and able to climb a ladder unassisted.

Snacks and bottled water is provided, but guests need to bring their own lunch and second lunch.  Cooler is available on the plane to keep food cool.

Current "Family of Four" special pricing for the float plane tour:

If your party of four plus gear does not exceed 700# the fourth guest is free.

Allow a free day on either side of your booking to give yourself time to reschedule if the weather doesn't cooperate on your booking day.

We need at least 24 hours notice for bookings, but we strongly suggest you book well in advance to ensure we have the time in our schedule to give you a full day.  

Contact Kristy at 907-388-9890 to book your PRIVATE National Parks tour today!

Flyover only (with no landings in the parks with our wheel plane) is also available.  Starting at $1495 per guest, minimum two guests, max 5 guests as long as total guests plus gear weight does not exceed 800#.  

Note:  landings in the parks are not guaranteed due to conditions or weather beyond our control.

Takahula Lake

Kobuk Sand Dunes

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