Hunter Transportation provided by

Trinity Air, Inc

Trinity Air, Inc is a Licensed Big Game Transporter

License #169046

Trinity Air, Inc strictly limits operations during hunting season in order to provide reliable transport for hunters, their gear, and their harvest.  For this reason, availability is limited.  Plan and book your dates at least a year in advance.


To book transportation for your hunt with Trinity Air, Inc, email to:

Return hunters may book their trips anytime.

New hunters may start booking Oct 15 for next year's season.


Conveniently located in Chena Marina, Fairbanks, Alaska. Trinity Air provides hunters with reliable transportation to and from the field without the need for a long drive to their transporter.

Trinity Air, Inc is a Fairbanks family owned business, providing air transportation year round in the Interior.   For this reason, we are often booked up well in advance.  We want to provide exceptional transportation services for our hunters, so we strictly limit the number of hunters we serve each year and offer early booking for our return parties. 


 With all the unknowns involved in flying in Alaska, we CAN control the number of hunters we serve, so this gives us time for more attention to each party and their transportation needs. We are very protective of our schedule and keep our contracted parties as our top priority during hunting season. 


We have "weather days" planned in our schedule in case weather gets in the way, thereby reducing the likelihood of us getting behind.   This also give us wiggle room for a last minute request for an "early out".  We can't guarantee it due to many variables beyond our control, but the possibility is there if the weather is treating us well.

We only book the number of hunters that we can serve as if they are going to be fully successful.  For instance, one trip into the field means at least three trips out of the field for moose for each party of two hunters.  Time is finite, so the number of parties we can serve is limited for this reason.  After the back end of the season is booked, we don't add more hunters on the front end.  Sure, we could make more money packing the front of the season and hoping for the best, but that's not how we roll.


Bottom line: 

We are focused on QUALITY and RELIABILITY of transportation services for you.  

Payload limit is 700# into the field for two hunters

(includes personnel and gear).

Trinity Air, Inc provides air transport for moose, caribou, and sheep hunters.

With 30+ years of experience flying in the Interior of Alaska our family has first hand knowledge of remote places that provide the conditions necessary for safe and reliable transport to and from the field and have a traditional likelihood of success for hunters.  Our focus is float plane operations, offering a more exclusive way of getting into the field.  

General inquiries and questions on pricing may be sent via email at

Please let us know your name, your phone number, when is the best time to call, the number of people in your party, what animal you are planning to hunt, and what dates you may be interested in.  We will do our best to respond ASAP.