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Karl and Kristy Braun

Karl and Kristy Braun with their two children are a year-round Fairbanks family, providing transportation throughout the Interior of Alaska.  While Karl has his head in the clouds, Kristy is on the ground telling him where to go.  Karl's 30+ years of experience of Alaskan flying coupled with his love for this great state provides a wonderful experience for all guests.  You will be delighted by his stories and feel comfortable in his confidence as pilot.  In addition to being your pilot, he is also your flightseeing guide.  Kristy's 20+ years experience in aircraft operations and logistics keeps the communication and ground support working efficiently.  If you want to know what's going on, she's the one to ask.  Her attention to the details of ground ops and scheduling keeps the airplanes running in a timely and reliable manner.  Rest assured, when you fly with the Brauns, you are treated like family. 

"Tread lightly, bring a friend, this is the LAST frontier" ~Karl

"It's amazing what a day in the wilderness can do for you"  ~Kristy

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